Culturally Senstive Therapy in New York: for those in their 20s and 30s
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This Journey Called Life…

…has become overwhelming, stressful, and depressing. Things may not have turned out how you imagined they would by now. Comparing yourself to others and questioning who and where you are in life.


life has found you in unhealthy and toxic relationshipswhether familial, platonic, or romantic. You are dealing with past pains that have clouded your present and have you worried about your future.

        You are not alone in how you feel. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take control of your life.

As people of color, we at SG Wellness Therapy and Counseling, understand the need for safe spaces where you can exist without judgments, second-guessing, or code-switching. As Mental Health in-person and online therapists, we help people of color who are seeking assistance and guidance with various life issues. These issues include but are not limited to

+ Stress/Worry

+Self Esteem

+Unhealthy Relationships

+Lack of coping skills

We work with those who are wanting to feel more secure and confident in their lives.  Our role as therapists is to help you begin to explore patterns, work towards change, learn how to combat setbacks, and discover yourself. Therapy in Brooklyn, Bedstuy, The Bronxs, Queens and anywhere via online therapy can help with just this.

People holding hands compassionately. Therapy in New York City, Brooklyn, The Broncs and Bed Stuy can support you during your struggles. Try in-person or online therapy for anxiety treatment, depression treatment, trauma, self-esteem issues, and more. Call now!

  The Therapy Help You Need

Therapy The Way You Want

Individual Therapy

1 on 1 face to face therapy in Brooklyn, NY

Online Therapy in New York

Life in New York City can be hectic, often leaving us with minimal time.  Online therapy in New York allows you to get the help you need from anywhere in the city.

Anxiety Treatment

If you struggle with perfectionism, stress, and anxiety from various life transitions, our therapists can support you!

Depression Treatment

Feeling down, hopeless, and struggling to find a way forward is normal. Let us help you better understand what you’re dealing with in therapy in Brooklyn, NY!

  Ready For A Change?

  What is in your head and on your heart?

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