A close up of a runner on a starting block. Learn how therapy for people of color in Brooklyn, NY can offer support for athletes and more. Search for online therapy in New York to learn more about therapy in Bedstuy and other services.

Anyone can benefit from therapy regardless of their job or title. However, there are certain layers to being an entertainer, whether that be an athlete, a musician, or an artist, that create a unique experience for the individual. There is pressure to be the best, and being the best is not easy. Then, existing as a person of color while also trying to be the best at whatever craft you choose is that much harder. Perfection is an impossible ideal to try to maintain but many public figures are trying anyway.

A performer sings while on stage in front of a crowd. Learn how a black therapist in Brooklyn, NY can help performers of color via in person or online therapy in New York. Black women therapists in Brooklyn, NY can help you today!

Common Challenges Can Entertainers Face

  • Handling Rejection: No matter what your career, handling rejection is something that comes with the territory. For athletes and artists, rejection tends to come more often than the regular person. Learning to deal with rejection in a healthy way can make it easier to bounce back.
  • Creative Block: It is impossible to consistently churn out great art and content, especially when you have personal concerns weighing on you. Having a safe space where you can freely express any concerns or present stressors can help you to remove that block you may be experiencing.
  • Imposter Syndrome: As entertainers, there is already a high bar to meet, add in the fact that BIPOC are taught they have to work twice as hard as their white counterparts, it is normal to feel like you are not enough. Working with someone to help you recognize negative self-talk and how to reframe it can help you overcome feeling inadequate.


A close up of a person getting paint from a container. This could represent the support therapy in Brookyln, NY can offer for people of color. Learn more about therapy for people of color in Brooklyn, NY and other services by searching for online therapy in New York today.

Role of Therapy

There are many reasons why one would seek out therapy. Dealing with performance, injuries, or overall mental health are just some of the reasons an entertainer of any sort may begin therapy. When your career depends on being able to perform, being at your best is not just an expectation but a necessity. Because entertainers do not work the traditional 9-5 job, it is a lot more difficult for them to take a “mental health day” that many companies have implemented for their employees. Mental health days can be extremely helpful in boosting one’s productivity, but performers don’t typically have this option because they are always “working”. While it is rewarding to participate in your chosen craft, it can also be burdensome to always be “on”, which is where therapy comes into play. Having a safe and confidential space to process and work through the different emotions that come from the work can be extremely beneficial. 


Why Should I Try Therapy

As artists and athletes, you may spend so much time on your craft you are missing putting time into yourself. Physical training, lessons, workshops, and more are made a priority and oftentimes mental health is neglected because there are only 24 hours in a day. If you want to get an edge on your work, manage stress better, or just enhance your mental ability, therapy can help. For many, their voices or bodies are their instruments, but your mind is just as important. Overcoming mental obstacles can only benefit the performance of one’s craft. 


A crowd cheers on a performer. Learn how therapy for people of color in Brooklyn, NY can offer support for athletes and more. Search for online therapy in New York to learn more about therapy in Bedstuy and other services.

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