There are a variety of different reasons to seek therapy.

One of the main reasons people attend is to work on challenges or obstacles they are experiencing internally or with others. Individuals attend to become better versions of themselves. Therapy can support individuals who show up healthier in their respective intimate relationships, such as a friend, parent, sibling, colleague, leader, etc. Particularly, the benefits of therapy for people of color include having a space to share feelings/emotion that elicits vulnerability, unpacking cognitive distortions about self and the world, and breaking generational cycles of mental health stigma. 

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Providing clients with a safe space to share feelings/emotions is transformative for people of color.

Typically, men of color often suppress feelings of vulnerability for fear of being perceived as soft and weak. Some men will rather act out in aggression than identify feelings/emotions that elicit triggers. Therapy can be a significant outlet for people of color to strip down their hardened exterior.  Therapy would be instrumental in helping clients identify feelings that come up and unpack things underneath their anger. As a result of expressing feelings/emotions, a therapist can provide clients with distress tolerance tools so that they develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress. In addition, therapists can provide psychoeducation on boundaries to help prioritize needs/wants that can enhance emotional well-being.   

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Therapists help unpack cognitive distortions that the client may have about themselves and/or the world.

Cognitive distortions are mental filters or biases that increase negative self-talk, doubt, fear, misery, fuel anxiety and make individuals feel bad about themselves. Examples of cognitive distortions include all-or-nothing thinking, minimization, and disqualifying the positive. People of color are more likely to exhibit a negative sense of the world and themselves as a result of institutionalized and systemic racism. Historically, as a result of being denied access and discrimination pertaining to housing, health care, education, voting, etc., people of color may not think highly or positively of the world. While therapy cannot singlehandedly dismantle systemic racism and patriarchal structures, therapy can provide clients of color the space to unpack the ways they navigate through society as minorities.  Therapists can provide empathy and unconditional positive regard toward the struggles and obstacles clients face as a result of their background. 

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Therapy for Black and people of color is significantly beneficial to break generational cycles of mental health stigma.  For decades, there has been reluctance and hesitation regarding therapy, especially for people of color. Families would be worried about disclosing personal/private information to ‘strangers.’

In addition, therapy is usually viewed as punitive or for ‘crazy’ people. Furthermore, the lack of representation for people of color is another barrier that may prevent individuals from attending. The more people of color attend therapy and share a positive experience with those who look like them; the greater likelihood of others following suit.

One of the biggest myths about not attending therapy includes it being associated with only people who have a disability or disorder.

Receiving informed knowledge from a therapist/professional can allow individuals to enhance their awareness of therapy. Recognizing that therapy can be beneficial for people from all walks of life without regard to sexual orientation, age, or challenges/obstacles one faces. As the saying goes, ‘Your therapist needs a therapist.’ We all can benefit from checking in with our thoughts, feelings, and actions and unpacking things that make us navigate, respond, and react to things in the manner we do; especially people of color who have faced systems and structures of discrimination which can have a lasting impact on our psyche.

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