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Trauma and PTSD show up for us in many ways. Whether we are both aware and not aware of. Maybe you were in an intense accident. Or, you just got out of an abusive relationship. Maybe there was ongoing violence while growing up. Or, you are a witness of a hate crime in your community. No matter what event(s) occurred, the way we perceive what happened to us is what makes it trauma. EMDR therapy can allow us to process the trauma that holds us back.

Signs and Symptoms of EMDR Therapy in Brooklyn, NY 

The mind-body is naturally inclined to heal. However, the impact of a disturbing experience can leave our information processing system stuck without a way to finish storing the event. This unprocessed information can then show up as:

  • sleeping
  • difficulties
  • emotional numbness
  • chronic irritability
  • anxiety
  • flashbacks
  • nightmares
  • intrusive thoughts
  • hypervigilance
  • panic attacks
Close up of woman in mask. If you're ready for a change, EMDR therapy in Brooklyn, NY can help. EMDR trauma therapy can help you process trauma and begin to live a more quality life. Call now and see if in person or online therapy in New York, can help!

 If You’re Noticing Any of These Issues, EMDR Therapy Can Help!

If you notice any of these experiences within yourself, then Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR Therapy) can help. This is a type of therapy that you may want to consider. EMDR therapy in Brooklyn, NY focuses on a specific memory. And it focuses on images that cause emotional distress. In the processing this allows you to engage in bilateral stimulation. For example, tapping on the outside part of each leg, or side-to-side eye movements. This can be compared to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Essentially, we process daily events, physical sensations, emotions, beliefs, and new skills.

What is Bilateral Stimulation in EMDR Therapy?

Bilateral stimulation allows unprocessed memories to be reprocessed by releasing distressing emotions and sensations. The memories can then be stored in the same way as other information we take in on a daily basis, but without the same level of disturbance. 

Who is EMDR Therapy in Brooklyn, NY Right For?

EMDR therapy in Brooklyn, NY is highly recommended for people who experience PTSD and panic attacks. However, it can be used with anyone who has experienced distressing events. Or who is having a difficult time processing them alone, or solely through talk therapy. Regardless of your goals are to receive assistance processing a single incident trauma, anxiety, or depression. EMDR Therapy can be a tool to help you process the events in a new way. To find out more about what EMDR is and how it works check out EMDR Institute and EMDR International Association

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