Woman you’re brave, you’re strong, you’re light. However, you’re are more than your strength. Many women live under the guise of the strong independent black woman mentality. However, what the world fails to acknowledge is that the world placed this label on you. You didn’t strive to be strong, you were made to be strong because the world assumed you could handle it all. As a result, you have carried this burden into adulthood and struggled to connect, speak out, and set boundaries. You’re more than this label. In fact, you’re emotional, kind, loving, gentle, witty, and so much more. Learn some characteristics of black woman both health and not in therapy for people of color.

“I’m stronger now because I’ve learned to turn heartbreak into peace, hurt into love, and anger into forgiveness”. -anonymous 


Common Characteristics of the Healthy Strong Black Women


  1. Confidence
  2. Strength during hard times
  3. Hides negative feelings and wears a smile
  4. Not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take the lead
  5. Advocates for others
  6. Raises up strong men and women
  7. She knows things will work out, no matter what


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Struggles of the Independent Black Woman and How Online Therapy Can Help!

Having to do the scary stuff alone

Perhaps you have been a caregiver for your entire life. You take care of others and mostly rely on yourself. As a result in your adulthood, you have had to learn about finances, relationships, and independence all on your own. You’re used to doing it all on your own. Whether that means raising kids for the first time, moving across the country, beginning a new college, or beginning to manage money. You just know that you have had to figure it out on your own. In therapy for people of color, you are adding an ally in your corner. Yes, therapy has boundaries, but they are there to protect you. Your therapist in Brooklyn, NY is in your corner and will help you work through past trauma and find a new path forward.

Convincing People You’re Not Heartless

Dealing with people thinking you are heartless, cold, or stand-offish is exhausting. If you’re not smiling and accommodating others, let’s face it, you seem stone-cold. Being a successful black woman comes with its own stereotypes and issues. People believe you’re not friendly or you’re uptight. It becomes frustrating when individuals tell you to not focus on looks, work, or to smile more. It really takes a toll on your self-esteem. In fact, it’s challenging not to internalize these comments from strangers, friends, and family. In therapy for people of color, we can talk about these comments and work on what’s to build acceptance around your identity and self-esteem, so that these comments don’t hold you back.

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Everyone Believing You’re Always “Fine”

People think that black women either don’t have it together or they are fine. There is no in-between. Unfortunately, there is a generations-long understanding that black women don’t feel pain and this has manifested in the health field, in workplaces, and among people in relationships. However, black women can be some of the most intuitive and deeply rooted individuals our therapists have ever met. In therapy for people of color, your therapist will work with you to be the first to validate your feelings and emotions. If no one else will credit what you’re feeling, you deserve to. Let’s talk about the depths and roots of these emotions and learn to be real when we are not ok. Plus develop tips for how to develop relationships with people who will take this seriously and support you. 

Not Managing Needs and Limits Effectively

Take some time to consider,’ is what I am doing effective? If the answer is no, then something needs to change. In truth, black women have to work twice as hard to get half as far as their white counterparts. so it’s no wonder these women end up not knowing when they have taken on too much. You can say no and recognize that you need rest. If you feel like you’re unable to do this due to a toxic work culture or because you must manage the needs of your family, a therapist can help you establish a healthier routine, that falls in line with your boundaries and needs. 


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“I’m stronger because I had to be, I’m smarter because of my mistakes and wiser because I learned”.-Anonymous