Online Therapy in New York

      New Yorkers often struggle with finding time to care for themselves the way they need to. This life can be demanding, and the weather is not always friendly.

 Maybe you live in NYC and you just do not have the time to wait on the MTA. Or you live in New York State and you may not have a lot of choices when it comes to mental health services. We are here to make online therapy in New York and Brooklyn, NY more accessible for your busy schedule!

Online Therapy in New York maybe the solution for you

Life can be about finding ways to make things simpler for yourself. When it comes to your mental health, you want to find help that fits your lifestyle. The in-person and online therapists at SG Wellness understand this and provide online therapy in New York so you can have the convenience of getting the care you need, in a space that is comfortable for you.

Our online therapists in Brooklyn, NY are compassionate, dedicated, and understanding. We specialize in various areas such as Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, relationships, and self-esteem.  Through the use of a secure video chat, we’re able to offer you effective mental health services without all the hassle of coming into an office.


The Benefits of Online Therapy


Time saver:


  • You are able to meet with your online therapist despite the sometimes harsh New York weather ( heavy rain, snow, or freezing temperatures).

Flexibility in scheduling:

  • Online therapy allows you to meet with your therapist at times that work for you. Including mornings, mid-day, weekends, and evenings.
Black woman smiling while on laptop. Needing support is ok, and online therapy in New York and Brooklyn, NY is here to provide accessible therapy for people of color. If you're looking for a black therapist near me, we are happy to help. Call now and begin services such as anxiety treatment today!

Online Therapy During the Covid Pandemic

  Due to the Covid pandemic, we at SG Wellness in New York understand our client’s needs and desire to practice social distancing. As this pandemic continues to reshape our lives, we want to provide our clients with the best support possible. Therefore our online therapists in New York meet all clients online to ensure safety and reduce worry.

Person in kitchen on windows tablet. Online therapy in New York has made mental health therapy for people of color more accessible. Talk with an online therapist in Brooklyn, NY who gets what you're dealing with. Call now and begin therapy today!

At SG Wellness, Online Therapy services are offered to:

  • Individuals experiencing  Depression want to find ways to cope or reduce sadness
  • Those looking for tools to better manage their Anxiety and stress.
  • Individuals struggling with Perfectionism
  • Those who want to increase their Self Esteem  and self-care 
  • Parents struggling with balancing work and home life 
  • Individuals yearning to have healthier and more fulfilling Relationships
  • Young Adults adjusting to the demands of adulthood 
  • And much more

Is Online Therapy in New York Effective?

We understand the hesitance in meeting with a therapist online, the worry that a screen will negatively impact the therapeutic relationship or process. With the continued rise of social media and our connection to the internet, studies have shown that the differences in the effectiveness of online therapy and face to face are not significantly different. In fact, it is has been reported that many people prefer the convenience and simplicity of online therapy. Giving it a high satisfaction rate, moderate to high therapist satisfaction, and positive clinical outcomes.

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Are you ready to get the mental health support you have been looking for, on a secure HIPPA compliant platform; with the convenience of meeting in your home?

Begin Online Therapy in New York with SG Wellness


Our online therapists at SG Wellness in Brooklyn, NY are here to help. You do not have to do this alone. If you need support, getting started is easy.


  1. Email us today at to schedule a free 15 minutes phone consultation.
  2. Let us know who you will like to work with or allow us to find the best fit for you. Then meet with your skilled and compassionate online therapists.
  3. Start getting the accessible support you need!

Other Services SG Wellness Offers:

Finding support for your mental health matters. Our therapists in NY are here for you and your needs. At our therapy practice, we have therapists who identify as black therapists, Latinx therapists, Dominican, & BIPOC. It’s our mission to offer multicultural counseling that serves you and your needs. We offer therapy for people of color, therapy for Latinx individuals, indigenous populations, and middle eastern clients, as well as therapy for men and women. If you’re looking for a safe space we are here for you.


Additionally, if you’re looking for another kind of support other than therapy for self-esteem we have more services. Other services we offer include anxiety treatment and therapy for perfectionism, depression treatment, individual therapy, individual relationship therapy. All of our services are offered via online therapy in New York. Areas we serve includes Bedstuy, The Broncs, Queens, and Brooklyn, NY. When you’re ready, let’s work together.

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