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In this post, I will illustrate what culturally sensitive therapy is and why finding a culturally sensitive therapist is important.

Before we explore what is culturally sensitive therapy and the importance of finding a culturally sensitive therapist, I first need to provide that it’s significant to understand the phrase “therapeutic alliance.” As the initial process part of therapy, it’s essential for a therapist and a client to build and have therapeutic relationships such as bonds. Another measure is for the therapist to understand their client’s cultural background. The therapist and client building bond allows the therapy journey to be promising because trust, safety, and understanding are established, then they jointly negotiate through collaboration and agreement on the treatment plans/goals.

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What is Culturally Sensitive Therapy?

According to psychology today, “culturally sensitive therapy emphasizes the therapist’s understanding of a client’s background and belief systems as it relates to their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or other important elements that make up someone’s culture and/or identity.” It’s necessary for a therapist to create a judgment-free zone for the client to feel heard and understood and be culturally sensitive by acknowledging the need to respect the client’s cultural differences, for instance, beliefs, behaviors, values, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, language, social status, education, and others.

A culturally sensitive therapist is comfortable discussing these cultural differences, and a client is assured that the therapist can address intense social issues, including oppression, microaggressions, and white privilege.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to find a culturally sensitive therapist who practices and communicates an awareness of the client’s culture/beliefs and for you to be able to identify with the therapist when entering your therapy journey. This does not mean that the therapist necessarily needs to have the same cultural background, race, and ethnicity as you; on the contrary, search for a therapist who makes a culturally sensitive priority.

Depending on your wants/needs, it’s okay to have and ask questions of any concerns to your potential therapist about their knowledge/skills with certain cultural backgrounds, for instance, training and experiences in working with diverse populations, if they are open to learning about your culture, which help with the effectiveness of your treatment plans/goals.

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Furthermore, you can ask family, friends, healthcare providers, and organizations within your community for recommendations based on cultural needs. Additionally, change a therapist if it needs to be, as everyone may not be a fit for you, and that’s okay. If you feel that you barely cannot connect with your therapist, it is a sign of not a good match. A therapist who has your best interest in mind would be happy to help you with referrals of someone who may be the best match for you.

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